The latest addition to Microsoft’s many gaming consoles is a gorgeous box that has also been called “svelte and good-looking.” The credit for its unexpected beauty belongs to one man Andrew Kim, a member of the design team.

Andrew Kim, The Man Behind the Design


Andrew Kim is the “visual and product” designer who started working for Microsoft after catching their attention when he compiled together his own design concepts when the company rebranded in 2012.

Design Goals


Kim’s first assignment when he started working for Microsoft was to be a part of the design team for the Xbox one S.
The team assigned to the task wanted to create “a more friendly and universal product that doesn’t evoke traditional ‘gaming’ cues,” and noted that they brought the hardware in line with the Windows 10 design language that had been created at the same time. It looks like all their hard work paid off because the Xbox one S is the best of its kind!

What Makes the New Xbox So Special?


The new Xbox basically took care of everything people hated about the last Xbox, plus they added a 4K Bluray player. It retails for $399 for a 2TB model and they’ll later release a 1TB model for $349 or a 500GB model for $299. The One S is 40% smaller than the old one, with a smaller battery charging cord and the new white color makes it super sleek and minimalist. These aren’t the only new features, for a full review you can check out the video review here:



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