As you
know that few months before only windows latest 8.1 has been launched.
This latest version of windows is upgraded by only 1 percent but is
really cool with some more latest features. In this latest version of
windows 8.1 you can experience more better searches, apps, the windows
store, cloud connectivity, personalization and also this version has
more better security option compared to it’s previous versions. This
latest version of windows is really fast in performance and helps you to
work easily. You can experience this features on latest touchscreen
devices. Like tablets and phablets.

If you are currently using windows Xp,
windows 8 or any other windows operating version then it is very easily
to upgrade your system to the all new latest windows 8.1 operating
system. To upgrade your system to windows 8.1 is totally free and you
can download this updated version easily from the windows store.

Why should I upgrade to Windows 8.1 ?

 This question has a simple and easy
answer. As you know that performances of Pc depends upon the operating
system on which they are running. So by using the latest version of
windows 8.1 on your Pc you can continue with your work more easily and
comfortably. Because of it’s new features, apps and personalization
options it becomes much easier to continue with your work.

Why should I Upgrade My Pc to latest windows 8.1?

This is a
very common question asked by the users. Let me tell you that you will
be able to run your computer more smoothly with all new features if you
upgrade your Pc. Upgrade from windows 8 to 8.1 will be beneficial for
you. Trust me guys use this latest update of windows 8.1 and I can say
that you will become a fan of windows. Overall I can say that you will
be surely impressed by this all new windows update 8.1.
So, lets talk about that how can you
upgrade your Pc easily to the latest windows 8.1 Operating system. The
very first thing which should be check is your system requirements for
installing the windows 8.1 on your Pc. If your Pc is already running on
windows 8 then you can do free upgrade to windows 8.1 from the windows
store. But if you are not running windows 8 then have a look below to
the requirements which are needed for installing this latest update:-
System Requirements for upgrading to Windows 8.1
You must have 1Ghz processor with support
for PAE,NX, and SSE2. The second this is that you should have 1GB RAM
for 32 bit and for 64 bit you should have 2GB RAM size. Hard disk should
be of 16GB for installing 32 bits and for 64 bits you should have 20GB.
At the last you should have graphics card with microsoft directX 9
graphics device with WDDM drivers installed. If you have these all
requirements on your Pc then you are all ready for installing the latest
windows 8.1.
But before upgrading your Pc to windows 8.1 you must keep the below things in your mind:-
 1. The very first step is
to backup your files. Although your files and apps while not damage or
corrupt if you upgrade your Pc. But backuping your files can be a good
idea in case of any accidental deletion.
 2. Before
installing/upgrading your Pc to windows 8.1 you should make sure that
you have enough space for this process. You will need 3,000 MB to
upgrade your Pc from windows 8 to windows 8.1 if you want to install 32
bit and if you want to install 64 bit you will be needing 3,850 MB total
free space. If you are running some other windows version you can
search online for the free space that are needed to install windows 8.1.
 3. Stay connected to the
internet connection till your upgrade is successfully done. There are
some steps in the installation process which will be needing your
internet connection for upgrading process.
 4. You should turn off
your antivirus protection on your Pc. As there are some antivirus which
may interfere in the installation process and can abort your upgrading
process. It’s better to turn off your antivirus protection on your Pc
for successful upgrading to the latest windows version 8.1.
 So, these are the points that should be kept in mind before installing the windows 8.1.
How Do I Upgrade to Windows 8.1 ?
 Now let’s continue our discussion and find
out that how to upgrade your Pc to windows 8.1 operating system. Read
and follow the steps listed below:-
 1. Click on the windows store.
 2. In the store search for windows 8.1 update  click the download button for download that update on your Pc.
 3. After downloading the update of the latest windows 8.1 version, simply click the install button to upgrade your windows version.
 4. After installing the upgrade version kindly restart your computer once.
After restarting many setting options will
appear on your computer screen. You need to fill those options correctly
and click on Next.
 That’s all you are now ready to use the
latest windows version 8.1 on your Pc. The new screen will now appear in
front of your eyes which will looks much familiar to the windows 8
version. As this is upgrade is only of 1 percent so there is not much
more difference but you will going to observe new features, apps and
some change in features.
 Hope, you will like this article and ready
to use windows version 8.1 on your Pc. So, go ahead and install the
latest update on your windows 8 Pc. At the last do not forgot to share
this article among your friend circle. If you have any type of doubt in
this procedure you can comment below, I will surely reply to your


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