Hey guys finally we are back active after such a long break so welcome back !! so lets get started. Whatsapp, probably the most used or the most popular messenger till date. i guarantee all of my readers which means even you reading this article ever had a whatsapp account. whatsapp has always been clean, simple and perfect for messageing what so ever. it has provided us with minimilist options to the best features. we all probably know that Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook has recently bought whatsapp for some 19 Billion Dollars. so there are huge customizations in whatsapp after mark bought it. as expected mark has now bought even whatsapp to the web and keeping the name simple it has been named ‘WhatsApp Web.

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Whatsapp Web tutorial and review

What is WhatsApp Web ??

Whatsapp Web is the web extention to the app through which the app can be accessed on the Desktops or Laptops as well. so this means you can chat with all your friends, contacts, groups etc from your PC/Laptop isn’t that cool! but wait a minute, there are some limitations as well which are, you cannot update your profile picture or your status. and you can use this feature only and only in Google Chrome. so if you are a Firefox or a Safari user, made you sad right? maybe soon they’ll add other browser support as well.

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How to Access Whatsapp on the Web ? 

So now talking about how to access Whatsapp on the Web or ‘Whatsapp Web’ first of all you need to update your Whatsapp Messenger to the latest Version available on Playstore or Click Here. incase its showing that you are up-to-date and you still dont get any feature called whatsapp web so uninstall and re-install the app from the play store again. so now once you have the updated version of Whatsapp you just have to click on the menu key and then you will see a Feature called Whatsapp web. before clicking on it go to web.whatsapp.com here you’ll see a QR code. the head over to your mobile to whatsapp and click on whatsapp web from the menu key then it’ll show you some basic information , what this thing is all about which you’ve already learned here. so jsut accept it and then it’ll open a camera app where you have to scan the QR code on the pc client which is web.whatsapp.com and scan the code shown on the pc by just placing your phone in front of the code and then you’ll see your messages in your PC.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Web.

You might be surely very happy with this feature so now let me jsut scare you a bit. the darker side of this feature is that whatsapp web can be easily hacked ! yes it can be hacked and i have tested hacking my friends whatasapp through whatsapp web. the programs such as RATs or remote acces tools or Trojans can easily hack whatsapp web so it is not at all safe on the web whereas on the mobile version its safest way of messaging. so now choice is yours if to use this feature much or not.
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