If you find difficulty in finding the best merchants for the services and the products, which you need, then here we have TapOnAir.com. It is one of the most effective as well as the easiest way to connect with your local area merchants. The idea of TapOnAir came from the personal struggle of its founders, specifically when the availability of the products in the local stores was unmanageable. For instance, if you need the same shoe which your friend bought from the same store, it is hard to find its availability, and even the problem is the quick delivery because merchants are occupied by their in-store retails. So, to ease the local shopping experience, TapOnAir took birth in India.


How it Works?

  • Enquiry about the merchants by searching them through keywords and broadcasting the same.
  • Users just needs to enter keywords and the location, and their enquiries will be sent to the relevant merchants.
  • The merchants or the service providers just need to reply the user’s enquiry or they can communicate directly with the user through a similar WhatsApp Interface.
  • The enquiries will be replied by different merchants with different quotes, where users need to make the right and wise decision in buying the best services and products.


  • Shopping platform with the local area merchants, which helps in fulfilling all the needs right at your doorstep.
  • Simplifies the process of communication between the merchants and the consumers through Chat, which makes it convenient for the users.
  • The major focus is on the quality Merchants, which makes this platform secure as well as clean for the visitors or consumers.
  • Provides the local merchants an opportunity to work with the Logistics partners, which help them to sell their services and products easily.


Advantages for Consumers

With the advancement in technology and e-commerce websites, online shopping has become more popular among the people. There are advantages of finding the right products and services online.

Provides the right services on the doorstep without worrying about finding the products or services in the retail shops.

  • Connects the consumers with the right local merchants with the best quote price easily.
  • Consumers can negotiate for pricing and better quality service from different merchants.
  • They get their service/product delivered as per their convenience (can get your iphone5s in one hour at your doorstep).

Advantages for Merchants

The local merchants are left-out deemed in this modern era of online shopping. People are moving more towards online for shopping and getting other services. Thus, TapOnAir manages to connect people with their local area merchants to help them with convenience as well as grounded ease.

  • Helps in providing more profit and customers.
  • Helps in finding the right customers who pay them for their hard work and quality product or service.
  • Helps them in expanding their in-store sales to online because online shopping is at boom in this modern era.


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 Personal Experiences:

We would like to share a few experiences by our consumers and merchants.

  • I am Pallavi from Hyderabad. Using TapOnAir is easy to use and convenient. I shifted here as a paying guest because of my job, and TapOnAir helped me in finding the best services in my local area. I just loved it.
  • I am Rakesh from New Delhi. I used TapOnAir for finding the best photographer for my pre-wedding shoot. I just loved the service as I received the best quote price. Using TapOnAir is really simple.
  • I am Ankita Mukherjee from Kolkata. I am a ready-made garment seller loved TapOnAir as it helped me in receiving more orders from the online customers. Thank You TapOnAir.

So, guys, would you like to have an experience of the most effective way of connecting yourself with your local merchants and fulfilling your requirements right at your doorstep?


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