During the previous years, several innovative technological gadgets have emerged. Beginning with the most recent smartphone models, which makes us talk and take pictures. There are plenty of innovative options out there to make our life easier. 3D printers remain one of the recent progress in technology that could help us with several projects and tasks. Many architects and designers around the globe have used this tool to achieve their ultimate dreams successfully. Below are some of the coolest 3D projects from around the world.

3D Printed Car

Many people might be shocked to read about this, but in 2014, a car was printed using the 3D printing tools. This literally blew everyone’s mind. Even though the process took some time, this was still considered as one of the major breakthroughs in the automobile industry. The car was printed in about 45 hours, and it looks like other plans to print out similar cars are in progress.

3D Printed Van Gogh Ear

If you’ve never visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam or you are not following the Van Gogh’s art, you might still be aware that Van Gogh cut off his ear during his lifetime. Well, obviously, a contemporary artist combines his efforts with some scientists to print Van Gogh’s ear in 3D.

3D Printed Castle

Do you own a very large backyard? You should not miss out on this. A huge 3d printer has been used to print out a complete castle. A 3D printer can be used to print a perfect spot for a ceremony or a great playground for your kids, whichever way you want it.

3D Printed Organs

3D printing is one of the latest innovations introduced in medicine. Famous researchers around the globe have already used 3D printers to print out 3d human organs, such as the kidneys, ears and other types of humans tissues.

3D Printed Office Building

If you were already shocked by 3d printed castle or cars, then this next project will absolutely leave you speechless. Here, we are actually talking about an office building that was printed with a 3D printer. The five-storey was printed in sections, but the result is quite remarkable.

3D Printed Guitar

3D printers can likewise be used in a variety of fields and are currently used in the music industry also. Not long ago, the first 3D guitar was printed. Apart from printing the first musical instrument in 3D, this also opens up new opportunities for people who would like to replicate their idol’s instruments.

As seen above, the options of great projects you can print with the 3D printer are numerous and almost endless. All you need to do is just to use your own imagination!


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