Smart Tips for Cracking Joint Entrance Exams – 2016

Every year over lakhs of students appear for the Joint Entrance Exam, better known as JEE. The examination which is considered as one of the toughest examinations in the world and holds prestigious position opens the gate of the gate of the best engineering colleges in India called the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and National Institute of Technology (NIT).

It is well known that JEE requires a serious dedicated practice of two years. It becomes immensely important to understand some basic facts about the examination which will help the candidate to get a good rank in the final examination. If you are a serious JEE aspirant, here are a few tips that will help you to score well in the examination.

Understand the structure of the examination

By this time, you should be thorough about the structure of the JEE examination. Since 2013, JEE is split into two tests which are:

  • JEE Mains – Any one aspiring for a successful engineering course appears for this exam. A good rank in JEE Mains opens the gate of top NIT for the candidate.
  • JEE Advanced – The candidates who are selected from JEE Mains are entitled to appear for JEE Advanced. This exam gives the candidate an opportunity to study in the prestigious IITs.

Time management is very important

Understand that JEE is a kind of examination that requires some serious practice. You cannot prepare for a day and crack the examination. It is an effort of fully fledged two years after high school. Hence, it is mandatory that the candidate makes a time-table of his own. This will help him to prepare efficiently. Remember that burning the night oil and slogging is not the best solution to do well in JEE.

Do not underestimate your school curriculum

This is a common notion among most of the students appearing for such examinations that the school textbooks and lessons are inferior to what is given in JEE syllabus. To get admission in IIT Coaching in India, a candidate should understand that without having a very thorough knowledge of XI and XII school syllabus, cracking JEE is impossible. So, be sincere with your school studies.

Understand the importance of self study

You may be enrolled in the best coaching class with the best of teachers who can motivate you immensely, but the actual difference comes when you are dedicated enough for self study. There is no substitute for hard work. You will have to adequate time to study on your own and understand what is taught in your classes. This is one aspect which many of the aspirants overlook!

It’s about what you know, not how much you know!

The questions in the JEE examination tests a student’s ability to apply the knowledge to various situations. The questions are conceptual in nature and mere reading will not be helpful. A student should aim to understand the concepts behind the theory. In addition, he/she should practice as many questions possible to get a feel of the examination.

All the subjects are important

Many students reason out that they are good in one subject and hence they will focus on that particular subject. This is a very wrong practice. The questions of JEE will cover the areas of physics, chemistry and mathematics equally. If you want to get into the top NIT and IIT or the best engineering colleges in India, you must have a good score in all the three subjects. You may have a personal choice of subject, but when it comes to JEE, there is no choice. If you are good in a subject you should practice it more. But, for your weak subject, you should practice even more.

Learn from the mistakes and stay motivated

You should learn from your mistakes. Never allow your motivation to go down if you encounter a challenging problem or you find some topic immensely tough. Many a times due to bad scores in sample tests, a student feels depressed and the level of practice starts decreasing. This should not happen. Understand that such stages are bound to come in during your practice. Try to stay over all these and stay motivated. After all, you are determined to win the race, no one can stop you from doing so.

Regular practice is the key to success

Finally, what you should remember is that you should prepare regularly. If you have the habit of postponing your preparation for tomorrow, stop doing that. A good rank in JEE will open the gates to success in NIT in India and IIT. For this, you will have to work hard with full devotion.



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