There are some very simple ways one can secure and safe guard the Facebook account from phishers and hackers. Lets see them one by one without wasting any more time.

4 Easy and Simple ways to secure your Facebook account:

Go to Account settings before doing the following.
1. Security settings Part 1: Creating a new security question!
Once you are in the Account settings page, select “Security” from the left sidebar.

2. Security Settings Part 2: Select Secure Browising(https)!

3. Security Settings Part 3: Send Email Notification from Facebook when your account is accessed from a different device(This is an IMPORTANT SETTINGS!)

4. Security Settings Part 4: (NOT LIKE ABOVE 3 SETTINGS!!!!!)
Go to Facebook secure account page, and follow the instructions:

Note: Use this if you feel that someone is using your account without your knowledge or if you feel it is hacked or if you feel someone is spamming from your account.

Click on “Continue”.

This will let you create a new password. So please create a much secure password for your account.
The next screen would ask you to change your E-Mail password linked with Facebook:

When you would have finally fixed everything, it would ask you do “Secure browsing using https and Email notification I already explained” ๐Ÿ™‚

Login again to restore your account to a completely new secure account ๐Ÿ™‚


The above last method is used when your account is under attack. You have reported the same to Facebook just now. Now, your account is much safer than before!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Other important things to remember:
1. Strong passwords
2. Spyware and malware installed
3. Antivirus programs
4. Update your browser regularly
5. Do not share your passwords with anyone. Change password of email and Facebook regularly
6. Do not access from a public computer like cyber cafe
7. Do not set auto remember passwords.
8. Clear your cookies and browser history after browsing
9. Lock your PC when you leave the chair
10. Logout after using Facebook

Hope you liked the tutorial! Catch you again to learn more of new stuffs.


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