Samsung is a Korean company which is having the biggest market share (amongst all mobile

companies) in the world. In the current year 2014, Samsung had two big launches in terms of

high budget phones. One was Galaxy S5 and the latest one is Galaxy Note 4. The next flagship from

Samsung which is rumoured to have its launch in February 2015 is Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S5 was unveiled in February 2014 at MWC (mobile world congress) in Barcelona.

The same thing is expected with the launch of Samsung galaxy s6.Galaxy S5 had a few

pros and cons. Cons are those with which Samsung cannot stand in the market with its

competitors like Apple, Lenovo, etc.

A few examples of cons in galaxy s5 are mentioned below:-

• Fingerprint scanner– A technology earlier used in laptops and now slowly coming in

phones also. Fingerprint was firstly introduced by Apple in its iPhone 5s which later is

opted by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S5 is having fingerprint scanner but it can be

fooled easily by a sGalaxy s5.(image with link)

• Front Camera– Samsung is undoubtedly producing one of the finest smartphones

with good techspecs having good camera. But it lags somewhere when it comes to

front camera which remains to be 2 megapixel in galaxy s5.

• Battery– A 5 inches phone with 2800 mAh battery seems to be a weak contender if it

is to be used for 24 hours nonstop.

• Looks of Galaxy s5– Looks of all the Samsung phones is nearbout similar as you

cannot recognise a person’s phone only by looking at it.

Above mentioned were the few cons in galaxy s5 which we suggest must not be continued in the

upcoming rumoured phone Samsung galaxy s6.

If we compare Samsung galaxy s5 and iPhone 5s, we can find that galaxy s5 was lagging behind

iPhone 5s. If, Samsung is all set to launch Galaxy s6 in the first quarter of 2015 then they must keep a

few points in their mind.

Speculations about Galaxy s6

Ram- 4GB

Processing might get faster with 1.7GHz Exynos 6 Hexa core

Good battery backup with 3300mAh battery

An all new flexible 3D screen with 4k resolution

Waterproof, Dustproof

Zero border screen

Latest OS Android L

Heartbeat sensor

Good things come in small & expensive packages

As all of us know that galaxy s5 was priced at $699 then we can expect this beauty galaxy s6 to be

priced around $699-$799.


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