Finding a Bluetooth headset with lots of functionality and great design features is rare. AudioPED is more than just a Bluetooth headset as it comes with health monitoring sensors. As you can easily predict, the price of these headsets increases with an increase in functionality, memory size quality camera. The headset doesn’t have a strong price tag yet, but it is generally reported to be around $105 which is more expensive than the other Bluetooth devices. But let’s look at the features of the new Bluetooth handset and see if it is really worth the price!


The Audio PED Bluetooth Headset offers a top quality sound to its users, and it can be streamed directly through the internet rather than storing it on the device itself. This feature is not available in other Bluetooth headsets as they rely on internal storage for all the sounds and songs. It comes with a good internal storage and also a 32 GB card support compared to the maximum of 8 GB being offered in other Bluetooth Headsets.

Audio PED comes with an intricate noise-canceling system so that the nearby noise don’t interrupt your calls. This feature is not offered in any Bluetooth headset, so it is a big plus.

Video Recording and Battery

1080p HD video recording is offered by Audio PED. Also, the Audio PED has heavy-duty lipo batteries on both sides. These batteries give you 16 long hours of playback and video recording on the device.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This headset has the uncommon function of being able to connect via Bluetooth to many devices at once including your smartphone, iPod or even your laptop.


As part of its added functionality, it can help measure the intensity of UV rays when you are traveling in the Sun. This will help you overcome skin related problems by avoiding those dangerous rays.


This Bluetooth comes with a touchscreen that displays the tracks and shows the track names. Audio PED is portable and also easy to carry.


It is clear that the quality and functionality from the Audio PED team are outstanding if the price range is indeed around the $105. Visit the official website of the Audio PED to know its release dates in Western Europe and North America



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