One Plus One also called the dream pone maybe OnePlus is  a new brand or company for many of the readers here. One plus one i s an american phone manifacturing company which is recently launched. the name seems very simple and not too good but in the name one plus 1 means 1 user and + is for plus one provides high end phones in mid range budget. One plus one is Flagship for the market. 

OnePlus One review: Build and design

It doesn’t make sense that the OnePlus One should be this inexpensive.
It looks elegant, feels solid and performs smoothly, and it doesn’t show
any signs that it’s a first-generation product from an unknown company.
Regardless of how well it sells, the industry will see this as a
benchmark for what an affordable phone really can be. All told, it
outperforms Google’s Nexus 5 in nearly every way — and it does so at an
even lower price. Heck, it’s better than many flagship phones that sell
for twice as much. This phone is very much similar to the Google Nexus 5
The only major caveat is that the bezel at the top and bottom of the
OnePlus One’s display is bigger than we’d like. Put it next to the LG G3 – a phone with a similar-sized screen – and you’ll see a big difference.

OnePlus One Display :

The whole phone is built around the display. It’s a 5.5in IPS LCD
capacitive touchscreen display boasting 16M colors. The resolution is
impressive: not the best on the market, but plenty good enough at the
best at this price. Spread over 5.5 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels makes for
a pixel density of 401 ppi. And how does it look? Sharp. Impressively

Watching movies, viewing images, and browsing the web all look good.
Colors are deep, resolution sharp. The only issue we had is that some
colors look a little overblown. Whites on photos have a slightly
yellowish tinge. It’s good to look at, but doesn’t feel particularly

OnePlus One Specification :

Here’s the really good news: the spec is that of a £600 phone. You
get a Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801, a quad-core Krait chip clocked
at 2.5GHz. It’s paired with 3GB RAM, and graphics are taken care of with
a Adreno 330 GPU.

OnePlus One review: Storage

There are two storage options for the OnePlus One phone, and one big
disappointment. The options are 16GB and 64GB – strangely no 32GB but
it’s becoming very rare to see 64GB on offer outside of the iPhone. And
the disappointment? There is no storage expansion slot.

OnePlus One review: Cameras

The OnePlus One has a 13 Mp Sony Exmor camera, with dual LED flash,
and f/2.0 aperture. OnePlus tells us that the One camera has six
physical lenses for greater detail, even at lower light conditions. It
offers geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama and HDR, and
captures video of up to 2160p (4K) at 30fps.

OnePlus One Battery life :

The OnePlus One comes with a large Li-Po 11.8Wh (3100 mAh) battery cell. And we have been impressed with battery life.

Out of the box the initial charge wasn’t great, but it took a long
time for the OnePlus to ship to me, so we won’t hold that against the
handset. Much more important is that with light use, 24 hours after
charging, 67 percent of the battery life was left. That’s a strong
performance: we hadn’t been doing much beyond email, messaging and
social media, but that kills our iPhone 5 in 24 hours. Of course the
battery will degrade as time goes buy. 

Oneplus one Packaging :

 This is the phone with the best packaging i’ve ever seen as you can see that its so elegant in the image below 

OnePlus One review: Software and Operating

Here’s where things get really interesting. The OnePlus One runs
Android 4.4.2 KitKat, which is a sufficiently recent version to be
great. But it is a customised version of Android. Indeed, it is
different to Android, running an interface known as CyanogenMod.
(OnePlus has now confirmed that within three months of Google releasing
the final code for its forthcoming mobile OS the OnePlus One will also get Android L.)

Last words : 

This phone is a flagship in the market. we are amazed by the specifications. this phone is very similar or i’d say a karbon copy of the google nexus 5 we notice differences only at the back-panels of these phones but still onplus one is one of a kind and it is sold at an amazing price of $299 in india it should be available arround 36K or below that but in Comparison to iphone 5C i’d reccomend you to buy this but if you are looking between Nexus 5 and Oneplus one so i would personally prefer nexus 5. but anyways this is a Great phone at an unbeliveable price.

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