If you are a full time blogger and are credited with writing a number of blog contents then you have a blog archive that is full of informative stuff on a range of topics. But just contemplate that few days down the line, these blogs become old, outdated and obsolete. You must surely read this article before starting a blog. Now, how can you re-use of your past creations so that the contents are appealing to the online readers once again? How can you drive the traffic towards the old publications in order to make the most use of your contents?

There are strategies that need to be used in this regard. And the following points lucidly illustrate the methods by which a blogger can make use of their blog archives.

Link to old publications or posts


Linking to old posts or publications, you drive traffic to them and this helps to boost tour writing skills. Alternately, you can write a post that showcases some of the best pieces that you have written.

Consider Republishing blog posts


If you think that your posts have become outdated then never worry, take them out from the archives and consider republishing them. It is a good notion in the sense that new readers are unaware of these posts and they will thoroughly enjoy reading them.

Promote archived blogs


It is understandable that social networking websites have made things a lot easy so far as promotion of posts are concerned.

  • If you intend to be successful with the old posts that you have written then use social networking websites for their promotion.
  • Ensure that promoting the posts is done in a manner so that maximum number of readers starts reading your contents.
  • Also, some, instead of using social networking websites, prefer using effective search engine optimization tactics to promote their blog contents.
  • By promoting the blog posts in an effective manner you attract traffic to the blog post. And if you are using the blogs for business then by doing so you collect revenue for your endeavour.

Write an e-book using old blog contents


You are keen to write an e-book but not getting enough time for such action. You can save time in authoring an e-book by pulling some of the contents that you have written in the past which are stored in your archives. With addition of some certain amount of content, a bit of editing, your e-book is almost ready to be published.

Convert text contents to audio-video formats


Trends suggest that the contents which are audio visual in nature impact the mind the most. And so, if you are interested to attract more readers, or in case you run a business, cherish to expand your business then try to figure out how to compile the boring textual content into an interesting audio-video format. The more fascinating the audio-video format, the better it is for you.

Reusing old blogs attracts the attention of new readers


A professional blog writer writes many blogs on a daily basis. At a given time these contents are published but at other times these contents stay off-shelves. Reusing them again and again is a good idea and that is why the intelligent bloggers do not want to miss that opportunity.

For some individuals blog writing is a passion which they enjoy as a part time activity. Others take this as a career option. Some individuals having businesses hire bloggers to write content for the websites. Just comprehend that as a business owner you are maintaining a website, and chronologically, your website updates. Under that circumstance it is not at all feasible to use the contents that were previously written for the website. It is important then to update the websites with fresh contents, highlighting the services, products that you intend to sell to your customers.

Therefore, what we understand that there are options available by which the bloggers can make the most of their blog archives.


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