With the recent development in technology, it’s not surprising how trends are regularly changing as well. A lot of companies are trying to create new trends that will get the attention of the public and make them ask for more.

One basic example of innovation that shook the world was the Flappy Bird. The application was released in 2013, it made huge waves in 2014 and had the highest download in the Apple Application Store. This app earned up to $50,000 a day! The game was removed from application stores after the creator felt guilty about its addictive nature. This opened the door for other developers to create different apps that were similar to the Flappy Bird. But now the hype has ended, and Flappy Bird will now only become another tech trend faded memory just like other applications.

One major advice for new companies out there making plans for a new tech trend or simply only making drafts for a new one is to ensure you pay complete attention to what we think will be the four rising tech trends next year.

Be Smart

With the surprising development in technology, people are now getting smart every day. Different companies are creating better smartphones. You’re in a hurry and need to know what the time says? Check your smart watch. Smart homes are getting popular, and you can now wear your computer with smart glasses too. Many developers are searching for new ways to bring smarter things into this world. You can create your own device or app that will keep the momentum going.


With lots of news about the invasion of privacy, many people no longer tell things to their friends or relatives, they are becoming more conscious about keeping these things to themselves. Private applications like, Snapchat or apps that secure your information and pictures are now trending because people prefer them more for their privacy-promising quality. As a company, make sure you create apps that will contribute and meet the needs of the people.


Amazon has shown a step up in technology with the launching of the video for their Prime Air; this is a great sign that they are coming. And with a good feedback of interest from people who watched the videos, we can assume that drones will soon be a live experience and not something that we see on TV only.


With the fast growing rate of social media, unlimited data remains a big trend. As a company, you should look into ways to use that unlimited data as an opportunity for better advertising and create good products for consumers. The possibilities are endless


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