Last week we saw Apple CEO Time Cook unveil the long awaited iPhone 7. But we wouldn’t get in line for one just yet. Usually, Apple unveils an “S” version every other year, which often stands for “same old design” as was the case last year with the iPhone 6S. But is this new release really worth the upgrade? We break it down for you below.



Regarding design there are few visual differences between the iPhone 7 and the previous iPhone 6S. The only noticeable elements are relocated antenna bands and larger protruding cameras. Also, the much talked about absence of the headphone jack.

Water Resistance


What’s remarkable about the new iPhone is that it has been re-engineered from the inside out with new seals and new adhesive techniques to make it more water and dust resistant. It has a dust/water resistance rating of IP67, meaning it’s entirely dust proof and able to withstand 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. It’s safe from splashes and accidental submersion, but not at all ready for you to take it swimming with you just yet.

No Headphone Jack


The new iPhone also has a controversial feature update where there is no longer a headphone jack. Headphones need to now connect wirelessly or through the lightning port. This move was made to save space and make room for new technologies in the future. Plus Apple is pioneering the way towards a wireless world. The airpods are their answer to headphone. The new wireless earbuds look like they’re predecessor just missing the wires.

Battery Life

Another great addition to iPhone 7 is the added two whole hours of battery life. The following chart spells out the details:


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