Hey so whats up guys i’m back after a while with another post. so this time we are doing our first ever windows phone tutorial. so you already know what it is, After gathering a great Hype on Desktop platform the Windows 10 Technical Preview is now finally for Windows Phones !! (Did you ever wonder where the hell is Windows 9 ??)  anyway so windows phone users, lets get started with this tutorials. and hey, first of all let me inform you currently only Nokia  Lumia 830, Lumia 730, Lumia 638, Lumia 636, Lumia 635, Lumia 630 can be upgraded to Windows 10 Technical Preview- as per ‘Microsoft’. and you know what they say Internet Explorer is now the best browser ever (Just with a change in name ) which is called ‘Spartan’.
So let us Start with the Tutorial !!
install Windows 10 technical preview on Windows Phone.


Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview on Windows Phones*

  • First you need to go to this >>>>>> link <<<<<
  • Then click on ‘Get Started’ button and just Sign up for the program.
  • Now fill in your Outlook e-mail id and then sign in.
  • Roll over the page, and just search for Get the Preview and then you know what to do(Click)
  • Now you need to install the Windows Insider App on to your phone from >>>>> Here
  • Open the app and click on Get Preview Builds.
  • Now you have to choose between the OS updates as Microsoft releases new versions of it with Bugs Fixes every time.
    a.) Click on ‘Insider Fast’ if you can deal with normal bugs and want to stay highly up to date with the OS updates.
    b.) Click on ‘Insider Slow’ if you want a stable OS with least bugs.
  • Then go through the Warnings and Terms and then Click on Accept.
  • Once you are done, tap the Home button (Windows button) on your phone and then go to Setting >> Updates
  • Then check for Updates and you have it right there!!! 🙂


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you can also watch this video from Microsoft of Official release of the Technical Preview for Phones:

Final Words.

if you are a Developer mind then you must install this preview more over there is no major difference between the older OSs and Windows 10. Even though there is a time for the Official Release of this Update but being all White Hat doesn’t work all the time (Even though this is White Hat)
so this was my Tutorial for installing windows 10 Technical Preview on windows Phones.
see you in the next tutorial. and don’t forget to leave your comments down below. Good Bye. 😀


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