As you already know that
every other person in the world is using android based smartphone.
People now a days start using smartphones as they are their life parts
and people now can’t imagine their lives without the presence of their
smartphones. As smartphones comes with many type of attractive features
and services then it is obvious that people will surely enjoy using
smartphone for making their life more smarter.

But leaving the features and the services provided by smartphones the
most important problem that everyone has to face is battery life of our
smartphones. The applications which are specially developed for our
smartphones really consumes lot of battery life and that’s the reason
why we have to keep on charging our mobile phones for preventing it by
sudden shutdown.

Here are some iphone battery tricks which will help you to increase the battery life of your iphone .I have listed some solution which will help you in facing
this problem. With the help of these simple ways anyone can increase
their smartphone battery life without any type of complications.

improve battery life of your phone

But before getting started let me tell you some tips which should be
followed by you all if you are willing to prevent your battery life from

1. Firstly, you have to uninstall your all unwanted applications from your smartphone.

2. If you are not using your GPS service then I will
prefer you to turn off your service because that will also consume some
part of your battery.

3. You need to decrease your screen brightness of your smartphone.

4. Reduce your screen timeout to minimum like 15 sec. or 30 sec.

5. Immediately turn off your bluetooth connection when not in use.

6. Also try to disable your internet connection when not needed.

7. At the last I will prefer you to close all type of applications which are running currently on your smartphone in background.

Application which will help you in increasing your battery life of your smartphone
After reading the above tips carefully the next thing which come in
front of us is the app which can be used for increasing smartphone
battery life. These applications are really helpful for android as well
as iOS users. These application alert the user when they plugin their
charger and also when they need to charge. Continue reading the article
and find out the top 3 application which can be easily used by all
smartphone users.

1. Battery Doctor Pro
This application can be easily downloaded by both android as well as
for iOS users. Battery Doctor Pro is one of the best and the most
popular application which is used by millions of smartphone users for
increasing their mobile battery life. This application can be downloaded
without paying a rupee. After installing the app successfully on your
smartphone you will be automatically notify that how long will your
mobile can run. Frankly saying guys this application really work, it is
not like those applications which shows you the battery life only. I
have used this application personally and have experience the amazing

Battery Doctor Pro battery saving app

2. Juice Defender
If you have not satisfied with the performance of the above
application then here is one more application for you all which help you
in saving your smartphone battery life. This application is also
available free on app store and can be easily installed. Juice Defender
has different profiles which helps you in managing your battery life
easily. You can also create your own profile and save your battery life
in the way as you want. Although Battery Doctor Pro is amazing but if
you not get that type of satisfaction with that app then I will prefer
you to try this application.
improve battery life

3. 2X battery Saver
At the last I have listed 2X battery saver in my list. This
application has awesome results by the users. Like it’s name this
application just double your phone battery life in a very easy way. Like
the above apps this app is also available free of cost on play store.
2X battery saver is an application which constantly tries to save your
mobile battery life and prevent it by draining.
2X battery Saver

So, these are the top three application which you can easily used for
your smartphones for saving your phone battery life. Hope, you have
liked this article. If you have any problem then please don’t hesitate
to comment below in the comment box and share your problem. At the last I
just want to say that kindly share this amazing article without friends
and help them increasing their smartphone battery life.


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