Couple of times it might happen that you have some really important data like most of the times the memory cards get corrupted and most of the time it erases all your precious data and you want to get all that important data back and recover data from your Pendrive or recover deleted files from PC and you can do nothing other than sobbing to your pain. So here is my guide on best data recovery software to recover deleted files from PC.

Data Recovery SoftwareHow To Recover Deleted Files on PC

Recuva File Recovery.

To Recover deleted files from PC, Recuva is the Best File Recovery Software for windows it is portable and the best thing about it is that it is a freeware!! you can trust me friends i this is the thing you’ve been looking for whenever it comes to recovering deleted files from PC. it has a very simple UI and it does not require any registration or anything all you have to do is Download Recuva Free > Install it > Select the type of Data (Video, image file etc) > Select the Drive for recovery and you are done. that’s it after that you just need to select the drive where the recovered data has to be saved and within minutes you get your Precious Data Recovered. This software works like a charm and you can blindly trust it for any sort of data recovery work. it is simple to use with a really nice UI and also it takes less time then other software, its fast its effective and That’s all it takes to recover deleted files from PC.

Best Data Recovery

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FreeUndelete is another good software for data recovery, it supports FAT and NFTS file systems moreover, it has a simple UI there is nothing like you need specific computer skills to recover data these are super easy processes. the software allows you to recover documents, images as well as videos But this is a Paid tool. and i guess it will surely serve the purpose to recover deleted files from PC. I think you get some trial version of it . i don’t know because i never used this tool because Recuva is the best. Hope this helps you to recover deleted files from PC.
Best Data Recovery
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 Pandora Recovery.

Pandora Recovery tool also can be used for recovering your data just in case Recuva didn’t work for you, this tool can help you recover deleted files from PC. but this is a great tool for digging in the bad sector of your hard disk and recovering the data without any problem it can even scan the FAT drives but this isn’t a reliable tool I feel, but it will help you to Recover deleted files from PC.

Best Data Recovery Software ?

so final words, the answer to the question above is ‘Recuva Recovery Free’ can offer you the most help to Recover deleted files from PC. don’t think like I’m obsessed but I am telling you this has been a lot helpful while installing different OSs like this worked like a miracle and i was succesful to recover deleted fileI so i suggest you the same. sp this was my tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Files from PC. hope you like it, i’m waiting for your comments down below and Keep Visiting.
Cheers! 🙂
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