Its been a long time people are striving for getting 3G network in India but now even 3G is so yesterday now! Yes, its time for 4G. and if you are an Airtel user i recommend you to upgrade to 4G. now who doesnt wants to use 4G? none! right? so do you have a 4G phone? do you want to experience the power of 4G? So here’s how u can get 4G services in us Airtel 4G ready simcard!!!

How to get an Airtel SIM card?



You can now experience the speed of 4G only by a single Tweet! Airtel now offers a unique sim delivery service where by a single tweet you can get to experience Airtel 4G!

All you have to do is Tweet to @airtelIndia  using the Hashtag - #GetAirtel4G and thats it! you’re done applying for a new Airtel Sim card which will be Delivered to you within 4 hours and you can fly high the mesmerizing speed of “4G!”

This was all the fun part but here’s how it’ll work.
when u send a tweet to Airtel India with the #GetAirtel4G airtel will shortly respond to you with a link where you have to fill your details. and within 4 hours your SIMcard will be home waiting for you to unbox!

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Benifits of Airtel 4G!


  • its now time for 4G and you unlock the door to the super fast speed of 4G.
  •  4G can get you what not within seconds. its now time for no more buffering of videos on YouTube.
  •  play unlimited online Games that too without a single bit of Lag.
  • stream all your media across devices without any hassel.
  • it brings speed to a whole new level. and its is being provided to you by the best SIM card network in India.
  • Airtel! its networks have a very good range across our nation.

So hurry and experience the speed of 4G with Airtel.once again, you just have to drop a tweet to @airtelIndia with the Hastag – #GetAirtel4G and you will get acess to your SIMcard within 4 Hours!  I have got my 4G SIM card its your turn now! what are you waiting for? go tweet and reserve your Airtel 4G SIM card!



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