A lot are people are nowadays attracted to the Home automation system. It is the latest trend in the market which allows you to control every appliance and light in your home from the comfort of your sofa. No wait, you can do actually do this from another town also through the help of the system which is connected to you through your smartphone or tablet.

Everyone know that you can control the lights of your house, protect yourself from break-in with the help of security alarms, allow entry and exit of persons through an automated door look and can set the temperature of your house from anywhere. But today, we are going to list you 5 surprising things you didn’t knew you could have done with home automation systems.

Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

How many times have you got no choice to be around your baby when you have got an important work to do? You don’t have any choice but to leave the work instead of leaving the baby alone in his cradle. Now, with the help of the home automation system you can easily monitor your baby.

All you just have to do is install a camera on top of the cradle, connect it to the Wi-Fi connection and with the help of your smartphone or tablet; you can easily keep an eye out on the baby.

Opening your Garage Door

Back in the day, B&G introduced a masterpiece when the invented the Flash2Pass, a system which allows you to open your Garage door just by flashing your car’s headlight over them.

More recently, B&G have come up with a system that connects the garage door to your home automation system. It allows you to slide open your garage door with the click of a button on your smartphone or tablet.

Pet Feeders

How do you feel when among a number of other problems, you also have the problem of regularly trying to make sure your pet animals are fed properly throughout the day? You might be cribbing when you would have to remember the amount of calories your pet intakes and you have to keep a measure of their remaining food.

With the help of an automated pet feeder, you don’t have to worry about this at all. You can easily schedule your pet’s eating time and intake according to its age and lifestyle and the pet feeder will keep a note of it. Moreover, it sends a message to the nearby store to deliver pet food when the stock is about to be emptied.

High-tech Water Sprinklers

Gone are the days when you would have to worry about watering your favorite plants in the day. With the help of the automated sprinklers you can easily preset the time at which the sprinklers would turn on to water your plants, the amount of water they would sprinkle across and the time after which they have to turn off.

Besides, the new age high-tech sprinklers adjust to the weather also. They are not fully preset on watering the plants on apre-determined schedule time. They make an effective use of moisture sensor to come to terms if the plants require more water or not.

Wireless Hot Tub Control

You can now also control your hot water tub bath from your smartphone through the help of an automated system. Waiting for the bath tub to heat up to the temperature which you want is painful. This is the time where having an automated system actually helps.

You can easily control the temperature of your hot tube through the Bluetooth communication from your smartphone. It easily allows you to operate the jets, pre-setting your required temperature and also helps to steam music.

Final Say

Since the time the first automated system was launched in the world, the industry is continuously growing over the years with a number of users being added every day. Keeping your house fully automated has become a trend nowadays. You all might be fully aware of all the basic features which all automation systems provide you with. Today, with this list I hoped to provide you with few things that you didn’t knew you could do with the automated systems.


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