Hello friends,
You Have a System at Home or bought the new laptop.But you don’t have Graphic card
in it. As it is in PC, its a matter of Rs.2000- 3000/-. But in laptop
you cant enable graphic card.So I shall want share an alternative for
Playing High Graphic oriented Games without Graphic Card.
There are 3 differemt softwares which boost the game performance  that you can play games without Using Graphic card.

1)GameBooster: Razer game booster is one of the best and free to download software and enhancement of game speed.  Just Download it for free & Install it.You will get absolutely best performance out of the system. How It Works ???

Well I’ ll Just explain in simple words. As Your system contains many features like Aero Theme, Windows 8 Start Button,
Background running applications , antivirus , U-torrent, IDM etc . It
Temporarily Disables all running Applications and Boost up the
performance of your Game.Launch The Game Booster While Playing & Back to Normal Mode After Playing.

2)3D Analyser: 3D Analyser is also One of the best Alternative . But better choose Game Booster, as 3D analyser needs advanced change of Settings according to the Game.You Just Download It and you can find an .exe file . Click On it and Adjust The settings According to the requirements of the game.

  If you were unable to Choose
the settings for certain Game. Just Google It Like ” Assassins Creed
Black Flag 3D-Analyser Settings “.Its quite Difficult task. Choose the
Best Path & enjoy Gaming.

3)Shift Shader: Swift Shader is a tool / Software for  low on Graphics Card PC’s  i.e. they do not have dedicated graphics card or their graphic card memory is very low (250MB to 500MB) . 

To Download this game you need to sign up

It is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

After downloading you will get a zip file, extract the zip file.

extracting two folders and help file are obtained, these two folders are
named x64( 64 bit) and x86 ( 32 bit ), in each folder there is a

to your Operating system ( i.e.  is 32-bit- or 64-bit) Open the folder
 and  copy d3d9.dll and paste it in your game’s folder which contains
the .exe file 

Ex :: C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/Assasins Creed) 

Now Just open game folder and run the game.

Points to Remember:

  • While Running the above Software’s,Turn Off Your WiFi, Bluetooth.
  • Make Sure that You Choose Low Resolution In your Game Settings.
  • Choose Texture Quality As Low or Medium in Game Settings.

Conclusion :

These are the difference ways to increase gaming performance.You can also get list of games without graphic card for PC from various websites. So better go for such games because your Ram may get effected using this game booster. i don’t guarantee you’ll play the game totally Lag-free but yeah you will play the game ! if u have any questions feel free to post it bellow.


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