If you love Siri and Google then the Go Pro Hero 5 is the one for you. With Google and Apple there are specific words you have to say so the phone will do what you ask. But with the Go Pro you can say whatever you want and your phone will waste no time at all in following your command. It really is remarkable how these companies have managed to create a situation for consumers where they don’t even have to be touching their phones to get work done.

Here’s How it Works


All you need to is say something like “That was sick” while capturing something very cool. Then the phone automatically tags what you said. The best part is that it will always use the spelling you prefer. Lets say jump from your roof into your pool, while you are jumping you can scream out whatever you want and the Go Pro will listen.

Time Heals All Flaws

voice-control2Bike Radar

It’s no secret that the Go Pro has come a long way since it first came out. With competition like Apple and Google they have really stepped up their game and separated themselves from the other two companies by introducing new and innovative ideas. We don’t know yet how well the new features will work but our fingers are crossed and hopefully we will all be amazed.

Extra perks


This new type of voice control is not the only innovative part of the Go Pro. It also includes a font difference but your vision must be very strong to see it. The camera has been highly updated. You can read all about it in the new user manual. Overall they have created a great piece of technology and the greatest part of it is the voice control.


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