Facial Recognition is a biometric verification technology that helps to authenticate and identify individuals by their unique biological traits. This feature works in a simple way – The identified faces in the images or video footage are quantified against a database, and this is used to identify a group or a person. The facial identification technology is versatile which is reflected in its array of several applications.

How does it work?

The technology consists of four stages explained below

  • The Capturing stage includes the collection of a sample making use of the video equipment. This sample could be a footage or an image of the audience at a baseball match.
  • The Extraction is more different and focuses on a particular person instead of the entire crowd. A template is then produced with the unique data.
  • The Comparison stage compares the precompiled database with the earlier mentioned template.
  • The Non-Match/Match stage includes making a final decision whether the template matches with an entry in the already existing database or not. This is accomplished with the use of several complicated algorithms.

Where Can The Facial Recognition Software Be Used

The Facial biometrics can be used anywhere, so far there is the presence of modern-day HD security cameras. Law enforcement agencies use the facial biometric systems to locate people of interest by scanning video footage captured at different locations. Other deployments of this amazing technology include consumer applications like banking and also border control applications.

This technology is no longer about dealing with individual verifications and access controls; it can help to assemble large demographic data also. Facial Recognition can also help in other areas such as social platform, retail industry, bank transactions and public places.

Rather than using PINs and passwords, faces can be scanned!

Customers can make payment with the simple use of biometrics like selfies instead of using passwords, PINs or OTPs. As much as the use of facial recognition makes your payment faster, it also makes it more reliable. It strengthens the payment ecosystems and decreases the risk of fraud.

Social Media Also Benefits

This facial biometrics is not limited to the monetary transactions alone. The technology is now included in social platforms, such as Facebook. The owner of Facebook is trying to organize rich image data and identify people captured in an image. Therefore, tagging everyone in the entire family photograph would be much easier and less stressful!

This technology certainly has clear advantages over its counterparts, which unquestionably means that it has a long way to go!


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