Eager to know the way to increase internet speed huh ?In this article we are going to deal on ” how toincrease internet speed ” .I know you are in this post because you might have faced any one of the conditions below or all of them.You are in need to increase internet speed because
  1. Your browsing speed is low.
  2. Your downloads are not faster.
  3. Your videos take more time to buffer.
So if you fall in the above category, then you must increase internet speed using the below methods.

This article could help you to increase the internet speed only upto some extent and if you are really in need of a high speed internet get one from the dealer. The internet speed mainly depend on a factor called “Bandwidth”. Your internet speed is directly proportional to your bandwidth.

Higher your bandwidth ,higher your internet speed.But unfortunately more people are willing to steal your bandwidth from you,So if you can prevent it , you can get the speed for what you pay.Read further to see  who is that culprit and how to increase internet speed by avoiding them.
Increasing your internet connection speed depend mainly on these three things below.But if you need more , then read the full post.
Increase 20% of your bandwidth to increase  internet speed : 
This trick can increase internet speed only for a windows user . Do you know that microsoft will reserve a certain amount of bandwidth on your computer for their product updating purpose .
To get your bandwidth follow these steps
  1. Go to run command by pressing windows key + R
  2. Type in gpedit.msc and press enter
  3. Go to administrative templates => network => Qos packet scheduler
  4. On the right pane you will see ” limit reservable bandwidth” .
  5. Double click it and select it as enabled and set the value to zero.Finally press ok.
Thats it you have gained some bandwidth now and to  increase internet speed using a particular tool or a software read further.
Increase  internet speed by using TCP optimizer.
So what is this TCP optimizer ?
This is a small yet powerful software which will optimize your internet connection based on the setting you provide to it and will considerably increase internet speed .
Where to get the software and how to configure it ?
Go to this link and download it. Increase internet speed
Follow the below simple steps to configure it .
  • Open TCP optimizer.
  • On ” General settings “tab select the connection speed of your internet using the slider.
  • Select your network adapter
  • Tick modify all network adapters
  • On ” choose settings ” select Optimal
  • Finally apply changes and restart your computer
increase internet speed
What else can you do to increase  internet speed ?
Remember sometimes the internet speed varies depending upon the IP address .If you have a Dynamic IP address then your speed may vary according to the IP.
If your torrent download speed is slower then you can try to port forward your Port Number for faster download and increase internet speed.
Check here for Port forwarding a Torrent  .
In some cases your internet may be slow because some of your softwares are updating them without your knowledge.To prevent this Go to the respective software and from their option menu turn off their auto updates.
You can stop windows automatic software updates by
  • Go to control panel
  • Double click on Automatic updates
  • Turn them off and select ok
Virus may be one of the reason for poor internet connection.If you experience a very poor internet speed then it is better to install an antivirus and perform a system scan.All the small small steps will group together to increase internet speed in large  amount.
You can check Your IP address and your internet speed performance here : Increase internet speed by Speedtest  
Updated 2014 June : 
If you aren’t getting enough speed as you wanted then you can use “Adblock plus” which is an Google chrome and firefox extension which will help you to load any site faster by disabling the ads on the website.

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