Hello guys welcome back today we are going to talk about iPhones. iPhones have been one of the best-selling smartphones in the market since launched. today we are going to learn what makes this ‘iPhone’ so special that it has become the first choice of most of the people.

Apple smartphoneSo one of the best feature of the apple iPhone is it has a very unique an decent operating system named the iOS. ranging from far back from the time of its launch it has come from OS 1.0 to 8.1.2 at present. the iOS 8 has some really unique  features like their own personal assistant! yes i am talking about ’Siri’ you probably heard of her, No? Yes she is the most advanced voice assisted assistant her major competitors being Google Now and Cortana they always have been compared all over but siri wins most of the time at least i feel Siri is the most advanced personal assistant available on a smartphone.other than Siri you get iMessage and FaceTime which are apples own messaging services and  believe me they are premium stuff like the quickly become the favorite messaging apps.

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iMessage is for text messaging and FaceTime is for video calling. and you also get other productive apps like iMovie, safari etc. you use it once and you fall in love with iOS UI.

The other thing is, that an iPhone comes from the company ’Apple’. Yes this is a feature my friend. Apple, the world leader of smart gadgets and computers bring s to you a smartphone so you might get an idea of what an iPhone can be. Apple is also famous for its quality and the beauty of their design you fall in love with an apple product once you use it. Apple is a whole new level of computing and quality. Apple Smartphones have their own beauty and unique design.

apple samrtphone Talking about the hardware, the iPhone has a very unique and patent design which is revolutionary and very handy while talking texting or doing any other generic work on the iPhone. iPhone also is known for its iSight camera which provides you features equivalent to a DSLR iPhone camera clearity is super high definition with recordings up to 1080p which also has a front camera with recordings up to 720p iPhone can also be used for videography. So if you are looking for something really smart, a smartphone which can deal with all your work seemingly fast then iPhone is the thing you are looking for. 🙂


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