Benefits of Managed Dedicated Hosting To Small Businesses

Most small businesses work on limited resources and constrained budget. In their quest to stay afloat, they have to make tough financial decisions when it comes to expansion of IT infrastructures and related services. Managed dedicated hosting is one way in which small and medium sized businesses can save more on hosting services and management of business servers.  Whether the hosting solution is intended for a business website or an online store, managed hosting can offer less overheads and great returns on investment.

What is Managed Dedicated Hosting?

Managed dedicated hosting, also called dedicated hosting, is an end-to-end offsite hosting service where clients can lease dedicated servers as opposed to shared services. The service is not only meant to offer added control and flexibility on operations but also, freedom of choice for services such as hardware, operating systems and applications. With managed hosting, the client specifies the limit of the services needed and the hosting provider extend those services to the client at managed costs. Below, we discuss the benefits of managed dedicated hosting to small businesses.

Server Management

Unlike in-house hosting, offsite hosting comes with added benefits to small business organizations. The client needn’t worry about the management of servers, storage, security, or support since these services are managed by the hosting company. Server hosting and management require skills, time and money which can constrain small businesses with tight budgets. Server monitoring is important to any organization but with managed hosting, a business can benefit from increased uptime, less downtime and rapid recovery from failures.

Rapid Scalability

Due to rapid growth, scalability needs of small businesses can be drastic and beyond the set budget. With managed hosting, businesses can lease IT resources based on their current needs and scale up as required. Managed hosting allows businesses to access a wider pool of resources based of their demand and utilization. As businesses outgrow their current resources, they can easily upgrade to higher tiers of resources (more storage, upgraded services etc.) without necessarily changing the service provider.

Managed Security

While server security is critical to organizations, small businesses may lack capacity to vigorously monitor servers for security vulnerabilities. Managed dedicated hosting provides an opportunity for small businesses to access professional technical services ranging from security audits, spam filtering, firewall setup, virus scanning and updates. In addition, managed hosting allows online businesses to access database management services such as real-time data backups and recovery procedures instead of hiring in-house staff. With managed hosting, small businesses can save on time and cost of procuring and running resources.




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