Every year, there is a large spectrum of technologies launching with the main purpose of making our lives simpler and better. In 2008, Android emerged with its first OS version and ever since, it has maintained its legacy of launching a new series of features for redefining the user experience. The Android has become dominant in the mobile industry with a global market share of more than 80%.

Below are some of the most evolving trends to watch out for in the area of Android app development in 2018.

Search within App

Android is assisting users to locate any type of content on their phone with their recent launch of In-App Search. However, unlike the normal search option presented in all the smartphones and Android phones, In-App search feature describes the Google search bar within those applications that are already installed on your phone. Moreover, Google has seamlessly integrated this feature into big applications including Gmail, Spotify and YouTube. Nevertheless, they are about to increase the number of applications supported by In-App in the future.

Launch of Android Instant App

What do we mean by Instant Apps? Actually, with the aim to offer people with faster access to Android apps, Google created the Instant Apps. Now with just a single click, smartphone users can download applications instantly. Also, these applications will be installed only in part and not completely downloaded on your device in full size. With Android Instant apps, our smartphones and tablets won’t get occupied with several applications that we need just for a one-time purpose.

Android App Security

Security of application is an important element to consider for every smartphone user. Google is ready to come up with a series of app security refinements for the Android users. Furthermore, though the Android Instant Applications is new to the mobile-first world, yet, it is using a runtime permission model that is integrated with Android Marshmallow, thereby making it a highly safe feature. Also, automatic security updates considerably help in improving the total app’s security and make the interaction easier and safer.

Over the years, several changes have come up for Google’s Android, thereby emerging from a simple smartphone Operating System to powering a variety of other devices.

For businesses willing to extend their reach in the Android market, getting in touch with proficient app developers can hugely help them to be updated and also stand ahead of their competitors.



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